She knew that She was the most important woman in her Man’s life already from the moment when both
became acquainted. He did not build houses yet, and their children were still only choosing Them as
parents in heaven.

His wish was to buy Her a house at the Elysian Fields and a vineyard at the Southern region of Toscana.
However, with such an elegant irony so characteristic to Her, She objected that their doggie would
be unhappy from not being able to have both a good run in the pinewoods filled by the morning sun and
a little burrow in the much-loved sand dunes of Jurmala.

Since then, the Man has read piles of books about life and learnt to build houses.

He built a small hotel and a restaurant, where Their dreams of a happy life – in which the Mother
has the say and the children and pets are pampered alike, whereas the Man makes sure that this idyll
would never ever cease – could be lived out within an interplay of different styles of architecture
and forms of design.

The hotel is named “MaMa” – just as He and the children used to call Her.